Borneo's troubles taint its wild beauty

There are thousands of incredible images that come to mind when asked about my trip to Borneo. Turtles hatching and fluttering off to freedom on Libaran Island, orangutans swinging from branch to branch gia iris garden my dinh across Sepilok's jungle, the piercing yellow eyes of a baby crocodile glaring above the surface of the Sabah's longest river.

But no matter how hard I try to think about the incredible animals witnessed in Malaysian Borneo's wild, there are certain images that almost taint the entire experience.

After four or so hours on a bumpy ride to Tambatuon Village, we jump out and stretch our legs. Pangaloi, or "uncle", who owns the local homestay where we are due to unpack for the night, greets us and shortly after gives us a tour of the village he calls home. He is proud of his town and highly respected by the local Dusun people.

The path is freshly painted with tyre marks from those who drive from the village to Kota Kinabalu for work, food supplies and school. The road outlines a neighbourhood of brightly painted wooden homes and bamboo huts surrounded by rice paddies organised in perfect lines, and bordered by the jungle and the river.

Along the walk, uncle points out the different plants and seeds the local people use for food, including salad leaves, jungle ferns, wild ginger and cocoa. As he touches the different plants and ferns, the rainforest speaks back to us as if inviting us to join in on its chaos. I bump a mimosa pudica, a "shy lady", and watch as its leaves fold inward and droop. It re-opens 15 minutes later, but by this stage we have well moved on.

The river at the base of Mount Kinabalu doesn't wait for us either. It rushes past using the momentum of the soaring mountain above it. Giggles float in the air from a group of children and are only silenced by a large splash as they jump off a tall, wide rock into the gushing river. One, two, three of them run tirelessly in circles. Giggle. Jump. Splash. Giggle. Jump. Splash. Giggle. Jump. Splash. The joy is mesmerising and has me falling well behind the rest of the group who have already turned a corner down the path. I crave the water as the humidity drips off my skin.

I've lost those ahead but it gives me time to take in my surroundings a bit better. Local stray cats and dogs look thinner than the usual pets around my neighbourhood in Sydney. The cats are easily frightened and the dogs fidget and drag their bottoms along the ground. Worms? It must be. It makes me feel uncomfortable but it's not an image I haven't seen before.

I turn the last corner and re-connect with the group. Uncle is pointing to a vegetable he says we will use to make our dinner later tonight. On the final stretch something catches my eye and raises the hair on my arms despite the overwhelming heat.

A macaque monkey is jailed in a small bird cage. Its face is lowered as if embarrassed and its body is limp. A few steps away another macaque monkey is strangled by a metal chain leash locked around its neck. The animal paces back and forth. It's agitated and as we move forward it pounces at us only to be immediately snapped back by the chain.

The images are unforgettable - and not in a good way.

Owning a monkey as a pet is about status in Borneo, Roxy our G Adventures guides says. While the government is cracking down on locals capturing monkeys to domesticate them, the illegal action is still prominent in some regional villages.

It is no use talking to the apparent "owners", Roxy tells us. In a bid to comfort, she suggests we write to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) who carry out work in the nearby regions in a bid to educate local villagers.

We do. But despite the good intention one can't help but to think gia chung cu iris garden - have our concerns fallen on deaf ears?


GETTING THERE: Singapore Airlines and AirAsia both fly to Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Borneo. AirAsia flies with one stopover at Kuala Lumpur. G Adventures will organise an eight-day adventure for you starting from $1499. The trip includes time spent in Turtle Island National Park, Sepilok's orangutan rehabilitation centre, Kota Belud, morning and evening river safaris in Kinabatangan and much more. Visit: website

STAYING THERE: Tambatuon Village Homestead is located on the foothills of Mount Kinabalu and by the Kedamaian River. The accommodation is made up of dorm-like rooms and a common area, kitchen and bathroom. The local Dunsun tribe, the biggest ethnic group in Sabah, will cook you food sourced from the nearby paddy fields and jungle. Visit: website

PLAYING THERE: The homestay runs day-time walks around the village and through the nearby jungle before an early evening cooking class with "uncle" and other locals. Guests are encouraged to go for a dip in the lake that streams down from the top of Mount Kinabalu.

the writer travelled as a guest of G Adventures and Sabah Tourism.


No dump here: Posh public bathroom pops up, with music, art

NEW YORK (AP) - In a park amid skyscrapers, a gem has emerged: a posh public bathroom that cost nearly $300,000, complete with freshly delivered flowers, imported tiles, classical music and artwork.

The free-of-charge, air-conditioned splendor, inspired by visits to the city's priciest hotels, is open to everyone. More than 1 million people a year are expected to use the facility, park officials said.

On Thursday, two bathroom attendants held toilet tissue that a park official cut as the inaugural ribbon for the high-tech facility housed in a landmarked Beaux Arts building behind the New York Public Library in Manhattan. The toilets, in 310 square feet divided between the women's and men's sides, are reopening after a three-month renovation.

Flowers on the sink, imported tiles and attractive wooden doors on the stalls are among the amenities in the Ladies Room at a free public restroom in New York, Thursday, April 27, 2017. Inspired by visits to the city's priciest hotels, the posh public bathroom cost nearly $300,000 and comes complete with freshly delivered flowers, imported tiles, classical music and artwork. (AP Photo/Verena Dobnik)

The eye-popping, LED-illuminated elegance is unusual in a city where public toilets are scarce and generally grungy.

"It's very clean, and the flowers are alive," said Irena Marentic, a tourist from Slovenia, as she left the space, whose walls and floors are lined with tiles from Spain and Italy and adorned with art created by Bryant Park's painters-in-residence.

The women's side has three toilet stalls, while the men's side has two stalls and three urinals, the same number as before the renovation. The facility can't be expanded because the space surrounding it is considered a scenic landmark.

The public luxury was funded privately by the Bryant Park Corp., a not-for-profit that manages the city-owned park and works to improve business in the neighborhood, which includes Fifth Avenue.

"We strive for perfection and only settle for excellence," declared Dan Biederman, the executive director of the Bryant Park Corp.

The team behind the new posh public bathroom visited the Waldorf Astoria and other luxury hotels for inspiration.

A few out-of-town companies provided donations not included in the facility's $280,000 cost. The Japanese luxury brand Toto contributed self-flushing, energy-saving toilets and hands-free faucets and wash basins. Brill Hygienic Products Inc., of Delray Beach, Florida, supplied sanitary, electronic seat covers that rotate with each use.

Attendants with mops keep everything clean from 7 a.m. until midnight during the warm months and until 10 p.m. the rest of the year. By park rules, no tips are allowed.

The bathroom is most often used by visitors to the leafy, grassy refuge of Bryant Park, which draws them with its seasonal attractions including a skating rink in winter, holiday shops, outdoor movies on summer nights and tables and chairs.

The park went through a makeover some years ago after decades of urban decay and crime that spilled into the bathroom, which was closed for years and reopened only in the 1990s.

With the improvement of the park, the number of visitors has increased. So, too, has the daily use of the toilets, from an average of 1,800 in 2013 to 3,300 last year, or 1.2 million a year, park officials said. On the women's side, the wait could be as long as 20 minutes.

On Thursday, with the line growing, park workers directed people to the massive library building and more public toilets, though not quite as fancy.

People line up to use a free public restroom in New York, Thursday, April 27, 2017. Inspired by visits to the city's priciest hotels, the posh public bathroom cost nearly $300,000 and comes complete with freshly delivered flowers, imported tiles, classical music and artwork. (AP Photo/Verena Dobnik)

Women are reflected in a mirror as they line up to use the Ladies Room at a free public restroom in New York, Thursday, April 27, 2017. In case you liked this article along with you would like to be given details relating to can ho du an GemRiverside generously pay a visit to our own web site. Inspired by visits to the city's priciest hotels, the posh public bathroom cost nearly $300,000 and comes complete with freshly delivered flowers, imported tiles, classical music and artwork. (AP Photo/Verena Dobnik)



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GemRiverside payment method

Project GemRiverside District 2 can easily gain access to everything thanks to its strategic location - just 1km to the HaNoi highway: FV hospital, RMIT university, SSIC ( South Saigon International School), Crescent Mall, Parkson shopping mall, SECC (Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center), SC Vivocity, Lotte Mart, Coopmart, Big C, Satra Food, Thegioididong (World of Mobile), Thien Hoa Electronics, VienThongA Electronics, International Finance Center, District 2 Sports Center, Saigon Sports Club, People's Committee of district 2, An Phu villa area, Expressway of Long Thanh Dau Giay.

The official website:


China's out-of-control space station to crash to Earth.

China's out-of-control space station to crash to Earth. Experts from the European Space Agency (ESA), based in Paris, are among those trackingTiangong-1, whose average orbit has dipped by 8km (5 miles) since December 2017. Kissa Tanto. A dreamworld in Vancouver, where Italian food is made with Japanese sensibility and ingredients. New series sees wild animals carrying the cameras. Gordon Buchanan shared how his innovative method of attaching cameras to animals helped to capture intimate footage of meerkats, baboons and cheetahs for his new three-part BBC1 series. The biggest passion killer for men is trying for a baby. Its not exactly what a woman looking to start a family would want to hear. But there are few things more likely to put a man off the idea of sex than his partner trying to conceive, a study has found. Iran nuclear deal cannot survive if U.S. pulls out Russia's Lavrov. UNITED NATIONS - Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday the Iran nuclear deal cannot survive if the United States pulls out of the agreement. Baltimore police commissioner fired 343 homicides - in 2017. Baltimore police commissioner Kevin Davis has been fired by the mayor after 2017 ended with 343 homicides, the highest number since 1993 and the third straight year more than 300. Florida boy dies of rabies after touching a sick bat. Ryker Roque, six, died on Sunday at a hospital in Orlando, Florida, after touching a bat which his father Henry had found in the garden and put in a bucket. Pregnant woman banned from owning animals for ten years. An expectant mother has been banned from keeping animals for 10 years after the RSPCA rescued five dogs from her house. Inspectors were first called to Carly Bennett's property in Stoke in May/. Islanders 7, Rangers 2 Islanders Give Rangers a Scoring Clinic After a 5-Day Break. Mathew Barzal and Anthony Beauvillier each had two goals against the Rangers, who pulled goalie Ondrej Pavelec in the second period after he allowed five goals. New test to detect STI two per cent of Australians have. Figures suggest one in order cheapest cilostazol shop - 100 adults in the buy now eskazole visa uk - and US carry Mycoplasma genitalium (MG), while it is estimated to strike double that in buy now letrozole shop australia - . The bug was only identified as an STI in 2015. Southwest flights delayed by online booking glitch. Frustrated Southwest Airlines customers have been forced to wait in long lines for a second day as the airline tries to solve a technical problem with its electronic booking system. In the meantime, passengers are being told to prepare for delays. Katharine Jackson reports. Trump meets with Republican leadership; party unity discussed. WASHINGTON - Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump made a surprise closed-door visit to the Republican National Committee on Thursday after a tumultuous two days on the campaign trail that included a reversal of his pledge to support the party's nominee. U.S. trying to form 'alternative bodies of authority' in Syria Russia's Lavrov. UNITED NATIONS - Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday that the United States, despite denying setting up local forces in northern Syria, is trying to form "alternative bodies of authority" that contradict a commitment to Syrian territorial integrity. Hugh Wilson, Who Created WKRP in Cincinnati, Dies at 74. In addition to writing TV comedies, Mr. Wilson directed films, including Police Academy and The First Wives Club. The fate of the EU and its impact on the U.S. The Euro zone is still trying to dig itself out of its financial mess and prevent more countries, like Spain and Italy, from sinking into a black hole. At a panel discussion called, The Finance Crisis Lessons Learned from purchase cheap neotrex visa canada - and the Way Forward, at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C., Robert Rubin, former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, sat down with Chrystia Freeland and told her how he thinks the EU crisis could end and what impact it could have on the U.S. Kayla Rae and Ryan Lochte pool day with Caiden. He's only seven-months-old and he's already the spitting image of his dad, according to his proud mom, who posted shots of herself and her 'boys' at a pool in Gainesville, Florida on Wednesday .

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Những đánh giá thấu đáo về nguyên nhân đầu tư sinh lời tại dự án Gem Riverside quận 2

Dự án Gem Riverside quận 2 mặc dù chưa chính thức triển khai về tổng quan khu chung cư nhưng phân tích của các nhà phân tích BDS thì Dự án Gem Riverside Đất Xanh sẽ nối tiếp thành công của Đất Xanh trong phân khúc căn hộ cao cấp. Chủ đầu tư Đất Xanh khẳng định nhà đầu tư BDS đang đứng trước cơ hội lớn để giới thiệu bạn bè người thân về cuộc sống mới tại Gem Riverside quận 2.

Gem Riverside Đất Xanh nằm trong một quần thể các dự án căn hộ từ tầm trung đến cao cấp tại đô thị quận 2, TP.HCM, việc lựa chọn nhà ở dự án Bất Động Sản nào để an cư hay góp vốn đầu tư phát sinh lợi nhuận sẽ là 1 câu hỏi khó tìm ra lời giải đáp vì không chỉ tiến độ xây dựng căn hộ mà khách hàng khi xe các dự án Bất Động Sản nào cũng bị lạc vào những thông tin được cho là tốt và có sức cuốn hút. Hãy điểm qua Những lý do đáng để đầu tư Gem Riverside quận 2 dưới đây để có cái nhìn chủ đầu tư Gem Riverside Đất Xanh có đủ khả năng hấp dẫn không nhé.

 1/ Tài chính lớn từ chủ đầu tư Chung cư Gem Riverside quận 2  

Chung cư Gem Riverside quận 2 do tập đoàn lớn Đất Xanh làm chủ đầu tư dự án, một thương hiệu danh tiếng trên thị trường Bất Động Sản . Gem Riverside Đất Xanh tạo tiếng vang lớn trên địa bàn quận 2, TP.HCM nói riêng và toàn nước kể chung. In case you loved this article and you want to receive details with regards to Pháp lý Gem Riverside kindly visit our web-page. chủ đầu tư Đất Xanh đã có thời điểm từng giành được nhiều Giải thưởng danh dự quốc gia trong ngành thông qua các dự án chất lượng trước đó.

 2/ Vị trí chiến lược quan trọng của Chung cư Gem Riverside quận 2

Căn hộ Gem Riverside Đất Xanh đắc địa tọa lạc tại cửa ngõ huyết mạch phía Đông của Sài Gon, giao hòa cùng những khu vực trong quận và trung tâm thành phố.

Nằm tại trung tâm của Quận 2, giáp sông Giồng Ông Tố và Mương Kinh

8km (15 phút) đến trung tâm Quận 1 qua Đại lộ Mai Chí Thọ

5 phút lái xe đến Khu đô thị mới Thủ Thiêm - Trung tâm tài chính mới của Thành phố

3 km (5 phút) đến các trung tâm thương mại Estella Place, Vincom Mega Mall, Parkson, Big C, siêu thị Metro, rạp chiếu phim Lotte

3 km (5 phút) đến trạm tàu Metro An Phú

Khoảng 1-4 km (3-7 phút) đến các trường quốc tế nổi tiếng như Trường Quốc Tế Úc, Trường Quốc Tế Hồ Chí Minh, Trường Quốc Tế Anh và Trường  Quốc Tế Mỹ

Kết nối thuận tiện với các tỉnh miền Đông (Đồng Nai, Vũng Tàu, Phan Thiết…) bằng đường cao tốc Hồ Chí Minh - Long Thành – Dầu Giây.

3/ Tiện nghi đẳng cấp và tiện ích hiện đại của Gem Riverside quận 2

Chung cư Gem Riverside Đất Xanh có được cơ sở tiện ích ngoại khu đẳng cấp: Khu trung tâm tài chính An Phú – Thảo Điền, CGV, siêu thị MegaMall, hệ thống giao thông hiện đại bậc nhất với nhà ga Metro, tuyến cao tốc Long Thành – Dầu Giây nối liền tuyến Mai Chí Thọ vào trung tâm quận 1 qua Hầm Thủ Thiêm.

4/ Thiết kế Chung cư Gem Riverside Đất Xanh

Triển khai sứ mệnh mang tới sự trải nghiệm trọn vẹn cho cư dân của mình, một lối sống đẳng cấp phương Tây, tiện nghi và sang trọng mà không kém giá trị nghệ thuật tử vi phong thủy hòa giải phương Đông. Gem Riverside Đất Xanh rất có khả năng lần nữa sẽ lấy phong cách thiết kế Châu Âu hiện đại, pha chút tân cổ điển sang trọng.Tất cả căn hộ đều là căn góc, tối ưu hóa diện tích quy hoạnh sử dụng và đón được luồng gió, ánh sáng và không khí từ tự nhiên.

5/ Giá bán Gem Riverside dễ mua ở

Bảng giá Gem Riverside được cho là cực kỳ lôi cuốn và cạnh tranh nhằm tạo mọi điều kiện để khách hàng có thể sở hữu một nơi an cư lý tưởng. Hơn thế, với sự các ký cam kết từ ngân hàng uy tính tài chính mạnh bảo lãnh, Đất Xanh bảo đảm tối đa quyền lợi của người tiêu dùng về việc triển khai dự án, khởi công, tiến độ xây dựng cũng như thời hạn bàn giao căn hộ đúng theo HDMB hai bên

6/ Chung cư Gem Riverside Đất Xanh là điểm sáng Bất Động Sản quận 2

Sức hút bất động sản quận 2 kéo theo nhiều tên tuổi lớn đến đầu tư và phát triển thị trường tiềm năng này, trong đó phải kể đến tập đoàn bất động sản Đất Xanh – top 2 doanh nghiệp BDS kinh doanh hiệu quả nhất Việt Nam

 7/ Thiên thời, địa lợi, nhân hòa

Các chuyên gia Bất Động Sản cho rằng, sự ra đời của Chung cư Gem Riverside quận 2 trong phân khúc cao cấp dưới 2 tỷ của Đất Xanh sẽ là "cú hích" tạo ra tâm điểm chú ý với sức hút vượt trội so với các dự án cùng phân khúc hiện tại trong khu vực.

Sự tính toán thời điểm hợp lý của Đất Xanh đã phần nào lý giải cho hiện tượng trên khi các yếu tố cơ sở hạ tầng từ tiềm năng đang trở thành hiện hữu..

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Case against Cardiff five-man 'paedophile ring' collapses.

Case against Cardiff five-man 'paedophile ring' collapses. Retired GP Stephen Glascoe - (pictured), retired social worker Patrick Graham and three other men were accused of raping the woman at parties in Cardiff in the late 1980s and early 90s. RAY MASSEY tests the new Nissan Leaf electric car. The zero-emissions hatchback will, Nissan says, travel 50 per cent further, deliver 38 per cent more power, and cost up to 1,500 less than the original. Kourtney Kardashian reunites with ex Scott Disick in LA. The 38-year-old beauty was spotted chatting to her ex at a swanky fitness centre, as they met up to proudly watch their seven-year-old's gym class - in LA. People are convinced that Obama won HQ Trivia. People are convinced that Barack Obama won $21.98 playing HQ Trivia on January 17 and Twitter is hilariously begging for answers. While everyone hoped it was him, it was confirmed that it was not. Volkan Oezdemir remains 'stone cold' ahead of UFC 220. EXCLUSIVE After being given the name Volkan, anything other than a career as a ruthless, uncompromising fighter would be a disappointment. Overwatch team London Spitfire play in Spurs 750m stadium. Tottenham Hotspur's new 750million stadium could become the home of Overwatch League team London Spitfire. Spitfire currently play in Los Angeles but next season they will move to London. Mathilde Krim, Mobilizing Force in an AIDS Crusade, Dies at 91. Dr. Krim raised awareness of the scourge and money therapy - to fight it while lobbying governments and enlisting a broad spectrum of powerful allies. Prosecutors seek death penalty for murder suspect. U.S. prosecutors told a judge Friday they will seek the death penalty for a 28-year-old man charged with the kidnapping and killing of a University of Illinois scholar from China. Newsbook On the Presidencys Fraught Relationship With the Press. These books explores ramipril price without insurance - how administrations like Richard Nixons and Theodore Roosevelts worked with or fought against the news media. Ditching Spike in Favor of Kevin Costner and Some Mean Teens. Paramount Network replaces the former home of Baywatch reruns with shows that have cinematic roots, like Heathers and Yellowstone. Woman with Hallermann-Streiff often mistaken for a child. Michelle - Kish, from Illinois, was born was Hallermann-Streiff syndrome, a condition so rare that at the time of her birth there were only 250 known cases worldwide. N.F.C. Championship Game Prediction Eagles or Vikings? Neither team has the quarterback they expected leading them, but the Eagles and Vikings have reached the conference championship just the same. Espanyol 1-0 Barcelona Lionel Messi misses penalty. PETE JENSON Barcelona suffered their first domestic defeat of the season and it was Quique Sanchez therapy - Flores, the manager that Stoke City wanted, who masterminded it. Barkley performs agility drills with Chelsea team-mates. The former Everton midfielder is set therapy - to be named in Chelsea's squad for the first time on Saturday at the Amex Stadium as Antonio Conte's men look to return to winning ways. Mexican migrants eager to influence presidential race. Mexicans in the United States have received voting credentials under new rules that let citizens sign up at local consulates rather than in Mexico. Their participation could be decisive in a close race. Your Week in Culture Dakota Fanning, Khalid, City Ballet After Peter Martins. Ms. Fanning appears in Please Stand By and The Alienist; Khalid comes to Radio City Music Hall. Trump to tout U.S. economy, urge fair trade at elite... By Steve HollandWASHINGTON, Jan 19 - U.S. President Donald Trump will be entering something of a lion's den when he visits the elitist enclave of... Milan Is Still Making It New. Giorgio Armani, Prada and Fendi proved that mens fashion has the power to surprise. Malaysia thief steals handbag - from praying worshippers. The robber, dressed all in black, is seen on CCTV as he leans raloxifene order now payment uk - over a row of women in white performing devotions at a mosque in the city of Kota Bharu in the north western Malaysia. Video of huge green emu egg being cracked goes viral. Food Network announced in December that it was the most popular clip it shared online all year. Emus are the second-largest bird and lay the second-largest eggs, weighing about 2lbs. each. Music Magpie reveals items with highest trade-in value. Music Magpie has revealed the items with - the highest current trade-in values - and all you need is six crucial pieces to make more than 500, including a Star Wars boxset.


Advertising Your Air Conditioning Service Business Can be a Challenge Unless You Read The following tips

Ѕmall restore shops ɑге popping - in many locations. Ӏf you can't innovate, or predict ѡhich innovations ᴡill ϲhange the wɑy in whiϲh youг prospects assume οr behave, thеn you're in hazard оf changing into ϳust like tһe typewriter repairman - і.e. extinct. Yoսr kitchen maʏ be in want of upgrades lіke a trendy dishwasher. An attendee ϲаn deliver to the category specific leather issues tһey could hɑve encountered and see how our technicians cⅼear up them. Inform me you didn’t sеe that one coming. Ӏn fact, it iѕ jᥙst one unit. Writer: ryan mahesh At tһe time the touch display laptops һave bеen introduced into the market, the sales soared fⲟr eѵeryone simply had to ⲟwn one and deliberate to expertise the most ѡell liкeԁ technology first hand. If yοu are yօu lօoking for morе informatіon in rеgards to samsung note 3 firmware - tɑke a looқ аt oᥙr web site. You may ᴡant tһem t᧐ bаck up yߋur іnformation fіrst. Nonethеⅼess thiѕ happеns, іt's sufficient to void а manufacturer'ѕ guarantee іf the color does not change back. A map of all of the nearby Professional Wireless Cell Phone Repair Metro PCS һoᥙrs wiⅼl liҝely be supplied ɑlоng ᴡith extra data. Aѕ ѕuch, it is ⲣrobably necеssary tо note that phone repair equipment ϲan be as varied ɑs the phones.

If yߋu'rе ⅼooking for a corporation fⲟr Washington DC Gym Gear Repairs tһere аre varіous choices tһat can be found. There are apps foг calculating the mileage of your ϲar, whеreas ɑ numbеr of dіfferent apps will guide you throuɡh these irritating traffic jams. Ꮤhen you'гe desirous about tһe reasons you wаnt online pc technical һelp, saving time and mileage bills ɑre only ρart ⲟf the reasons to contemplate tһe convenience of going surfing t᧐ get your issues solved. У᧐u may also hazard issues or issues witһ conflicting issues. If үoս ϲannot find a entry door, chances аre you'll hɑνe to create one your self, or, if you агe not comfy creating one, уou need to namе аn expert plumber. Additionally, don't even dare to tuгn intо one of mаny folks with bad credit loans оr rеmain wіtһ thеm. Thе audio distortion waѕ a ѕignificant problеm and plenty of useгѕ complained ɑbout tһe audio lagging ⲟr distorting with easy activities like playing music оut loud or even սsing headphones. Wow James, Ꮮike օthers һere, I dіԀ not кnow you hɑd been concerned ᴡith SunJet.

A yacht іs ⅼike a cellular home for the sea. Aldwyn Carlin is knowledgeable writer, presently writing for HTC Mobile phones ɑnd Christmas Cell phone Gifts. Setting іt to 500 will trigger ʏouг phone 2 set ⲟff security alarms аt shop exits, gr8 fοr practical jokes! It can еven do ʏou gߋod if you retain ɑ very goօd relationship with the shop owner. A ѵery good technician oᥙght to come, Ԁо a common inspection aѕ y᧐u inform hіm ʏour considerations tһen from tһat, һe may Ьe abⅼe to tell; thе problem, how it wіll be solved and the way much it'll value. If you alrеady ҝnow the beѕt way to repair iPhone, you ᴡill save yоurself plenty of time and aggravation as well as extra cost on something thаt should have the ability to bе repaired гelatively inexpensively. Bitdefender Promotion permits ʏоu tο conserve a lot of money on Bitdefender. Preventive maintenance. Laptop Repair Dor affords FREE Estimates օn ALL Laptop Repairs Computeг Repairs.

Download tһiѕ PDF e-book without cost to be taught mobile phone repairing. Ꮃe aгe a leading institute іn Hyderabad providing cell repairing coaching ѡith the assistance օf our group of pros. You might be in your office wһile it's pouring oᥙtside, and yߋur car is parked in an ungainly spot! Ꭲhey cаn contract witһ manufacturers in Shenzhen who aгe aⅼready tapped іnto tһe region's vast smartphone supply chain ɑnd pump οut low-cost telephones below their ѵery own brands, no designing or engineering mandatory. Εven if ᥙsers are glad tһɑt tһeir phone’ѕ bars tгuly match its signal energy, in most caѕеs theʏ only һave five ranges of measurement with which to evaluate performance. Ԝe һave now 530 - 243 -1310, 6851 Eastside Road Redding CA. Redding boats - ƅy proprietor - craigslist. Overview- Ꮃe аrе going to cowl the evolution ⲟf iPhones tоgether wіth thе differences and similarities of th᧐se workіng on each GSM and CDMA networks.

Ιf you stock extra, you'll lose ԝithin the lengthy-term as costs of spares drop ceaselessly. Ӏt's going tⲟ transcribe voicemails аnd electronic mail thеm to you. Ƭhе software program program іs easy t᧐ put in аnd ѕolely requires a number of instances. Ԝhat is improbable аbout tһis utility is barely requirеs a couple of mіnutes to ρut in. We additionally need mⲟre advanced technology ɑnd science tⲟ knoԝ tһe impression οf human actions ߋn important pure systems. Discover ɑ small job that is highly visible, еven іf it is simply cleansing the inside of thе windscreen. Тhe software program օn this explicit phone mаy be very new, stɑte-of-the-artwork on tһiѕ cell phone area. Ꮃhenever оur treasured telephone malfunctions, ɑѕ a substitute of mаking an attempt cell phone repair, many оf us decide to substitute tһe defective telephone аs іmmediately as attainable. Thіs mɑkes it potential for us tο supply a person "CASH EARNINGS TRAINING". It detects ɑ mess of keylogger, foistware and trackware рarts which conventional antivirus software fail tο detect. We by no means compromise ᴡith the standard of our programs and make sure tһat eaⅽh ⅽan afford to affix օur program. Υou can also do a search on YouTube to youг specific refrigerator to bе proven guided assistance οn hoᴡ one can troubleshoot үour refrigerator or take it apart.



Tuy chưa được chính thức ra mắt nhưng hiện tại Gem Riverside Đất Xanh đang được rất nhiều giới đầu tư căn hộ quận 2 quan tâm và đặt chổ để chọn được các suất đầu tư giá tốt, vị trí đẹp nhất có thể. Hôm nay, hãy cùng chúng tôi điểm qua 2 ưu điểm lớn nhất về dự án Gem Riverside quận 2 để xem đây có thực sự là căn hộ đáng mong đợi hay không?

Yếu tố đầu tiên: Gem Riverside của Tập đoàn Đất Xanh sở hữu vị trí chiến lược, Nhất cận thị - Nhị cận giang – Tam cận lộ.

Nhất cận thị

Gem Riverside Đất Xanh nằm trong khu đô thị Nam Rạch Chiếc Quận 2 - Khu đô thị Thủ Thiêm - trung tâm thương mai mới của TP.Hồ Chí Minh. Bên cạnh dự án là khu TT thể dục thể thao mang quý phái nước ngoài, ngay nút giao thông An Phú (Giao lộ Mai Chí Thọ và cao tốc Long Thành - Dầu Giây) nên nếu quý khách đi theo đường Song Hành Cao Tốc di chuyển về trung tâm sẽ cực kỳ thuận tiện. Đây là khu đô thị mới được quy hoạch cao cấp đồng bộ với đầy đủ các tiện ích cho cư dân.

Nhị cận giang

Khu Gem Riverside Đất Xanh sẽ được trải dài dọc bên bờ sông Giồng Ông Tố & rạch Mương Kinh, nằm giữa các chung cư quận 2 như là Paml City của Keppelland và Lakeview City của Novaland góp phần đưa toàn căn hộ chung cư cao cấp luôn mát mẻ giữa TP.HCM năng động.

Tam cận lộ.

Trước đây, chỉ có tuyến đường Nguyễn Duy Trinh khá nhỏ dùng để di chuyển từ Quận 9 về Quận 2 hay trung tâm rất bất tiện và thường xuyên xảy ra tình trạng tắc đường. Nhưng hiện nay, tuyến đường Song Hành đã hoàn thiện quý khách hàng có thể di chuyển bằng xe máy qua tuyến đường Song Hành, xe hơi di chuyển bằng đường cao tốc về rất nhanh và thuận tiện.

Kết nối giao thông Gem Riverside về trung tâm các quận:

Dự án Gem Riverside quận 2-> khu đô thị Thủ Thiêm và An Phú – An Khánh Thảo Điền: chỉ 5’

Gem Riverside Đất XanhRiverside -> trung tâm Quận 1: chỉ 10’ di chuyển từ Mai Chí Thọ qua hầm Thủ Thiêm

Chung cư Gem Riverside quận 2-> Khu Phú Mỹ Hưng quận 7: chỉ 20’ di chuyển qua Cầu Phú Mỹ

Chung cư Gem Riverside quận 2 -> Khu công nghệ cao quận 9: chỉ 5’ di chuyển qua Song Hành Cao tốc hoặc Cao tốc.

. Giá trị Chung cư Gem Riverside quận 2 Tập đoàn Đất Xanh sẽ còn tăng giá nhiều

Có 4 lý do giúp Gem Riverside quận 2 rất tiềm năng và sẽ thu hút giới đầu tư, đó là:

Mức giá bán chủ đầu tư Đất Xanh đưa ra là hợp lý cho khách hàng đầu tư, dự kiến chỉ từ 30 triệu/m2. Mức giá này thấp hơn các dự án lân cận như Centana Thủ Thiêm (32-35 triệu/m2), Palm Heights (35-37 triệu/m2), Lexington (37-40 triệu/m2),.

Dự kiến cuối năm 2018 đường Song Hành cao tốc sẽ được đưa vào sử dụng với 4 làn đường. Cư dân tại căn hộ Gem Riverside quận 2 sẽ rất thuận tiện đi lại quận 1 khi có con đường giá trị này.

If you loved this post and you would like to obtain more data about GemRiverside Resident Apartment,, kindly check out our own site. Đối diện Chung cư Gem Riverside Đất Xanhlà khu Sport City (khu liên hợp thể thao Rạch Chiếc) đã được san lấp và thi công một số hạng mục chuẩn bị cho SEA Games 31 (năm 2021). Khi đưa vào sử dụng, đây sẽ là khu liên hợp thể thao lớn nhất và hiện đại bậc nhất Việt Nam.

Khi chung cư Gem Riverside Đất Xanh bàn giao, lúc đó dó dự án Lakeview và Palm của Keppel Land chắc chắn đã được lắp đầy cư dân. Dân cư về ở sẽ mang đến sinh khí cho cả khu vực dọc trục đường cao tốc và dự án Gem Riverside quận 2 sẽ hưởng lợi từ điều này.

Điểm mạnh của vị trí căn hộ Gem Riverside

Theo các nhà đầu tư đánh giá, điểm mạnh của dự án nẳm ở 3 yếu tố chính :

+ Vị trí sát sông, có không gian sống rất trong lành mát mẻ, tất cả các view đều không bị chắn.

+ Nẳm trong khu quy hoạch mới, có hạ tầng tiện ích rất đẳng cấp đầy đủ khu thương mại lớn và trường quốc tế, các tiện ích công cộng trong nội khu.

+ Chủ đầu tư Tập đoàn Đất Xanh là 1 tập đoàn lớn và uy tín với hàng loạt dự án thành công tại quận Thủ Đức và quận 7….. nổi tiếng về thương hiệu cũng như chất lượng sản phẩm.

Qua các phân tích trên chúng tôi cam kết dự án Gem Riverside là dự án đáng sống nhất khu vực quận 2 so với tất cả các dư án khác cùng phân khúc. Điều này càng được khẳng định chắc chắn hơn là do nguồn cung về căn hộ tại quận 2 đang dần chậm đi do sự siết chặt các quy định từ phía chính quyền sở tại.

For your information :


You bet! First of all, depression is a memory and yes, it can be erased

You bet! First of all, depression is a memory and yes, it can be erased.

Did you know that we can become addicted to our depression?

Yes, because we are so used to this state of being and we do it so well that it just feels "natural" to us. To top that, we might have some pay off: maybe getting people's attention and /or having people taking care of us when we feel this way?

Did you know that depression is actually hard work?

Our natural state is to be happy, so you actually have to put your body in a certain position, your face's muscles in a specific way, etc. So, just changing your posture or even just by smiling, you cannot actually be depressed!

Did you know that many times depression is lack of water? Just by drinking more water, you will feel much better. You cells will regenerate, expand. Definitely Blue Solar Water* works wonders on erasing these memories.

Well, I would like to tell you that once a student of ours called me very depressed. She was doing so bad, that her doctor wanted to hospitalize her. She was told she couldn't come to the training Ihaleakala and myself were presenting in San Diego because she couldn't drive the way she was feeling. I asked Ihaleakala and he told me to tell her about the glass of water* tool. That tool had come to Ihaleakala by Inspiration during a consultation that week he did with a woman that was going through a divorce and was very depressed. Let me tell you… she drove the following day to San Diego and showed up to the training with a very big smile on her face and said: "it took me 3 glasses and I felt like new." Listen, she was going to be put in a mental hospital!

If this is not enough to convince you, read the story that another student of Ho'oponopono shared with us:

My name is Teresa and in May of 2005, I suddenly fell ill to what I can only describe as a nervous breakdown.  I don't even know if that would accurately describe it.  All I know is that my husband and a nutritionist named Jean thought I was ready to leave the planet.  For five days my heart would race at way over 100 beats per minute.  I could not sleep but could only pace the floor.  When I tried to sleep, I was so scared because I literally felt my heart stop.  I was in a constant state of panic.  My little boy was 2 years old at the time.  This was when I lived in Hawaii and my current doctor was a Naturopathic Physician.  I didn't have great luck with western medicine, but when my N.D. couldn't help me, I had no choice but to go to the ER, where I was admitted to the Psychiatric Ward.

The doctors kept overloading my system with antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication, because they could not figure out what was wrong with me.  I had never been a depressed person, nor had I ever taken antidepressants in the past.  They insisted I was depressed and gave me dosages that I would perhaps give an elephant.  From 2005-2008 I was hospitalized in a Psychiatric Unit four times.  The antidepressants were not working and I kept getting worse.  I wanted to leave the planet many times as I suffered excruciating emotional pain and anguish.  My doctor's solution: give her more drugs.

I remember living in Boston, reading Kitty Dukakis's book about how no medication had helped her depression and how she went to Massachusetts General Hospital and had shock therapy.  Living in Massachusetts, I thought it was my only way of surviving.

In early 2007, I remember watching Rhonda Byrne introducing "The Secret" to the world on Oprah.

I felt this rush of excitement.  I hadn't felt excitement in a very long time.  After the show, I drove to a bookstore and started learning how to visualize and making my wildest dreams come true.

I could never manifest good health however, and continued to suffer.  My caveat is I did manifest my family moving to San Diego and it was thrilling having that happen.  I knew there was something way beyond anything I had ever known or been taught in the past, as our moving to SD was nothing short of a miracle.

I started studying various energetic healing modalities and in early 2008, I learned of Self I-Dentity through Ho'oponopono.  I studied and did the "cleaning" process religiously.  The depression went away and I threw all of my addictive antidepressants, anti-A.D.D. and anti-anxiety medication in the trash.  I haven't taken any medication whatsoever since November 11th, 2008. If you loved this article and you also would like to collect more info relating to Song hanh cao toc ( i implore you to visit our webpage.   I feel like a million bucks and still do my "cleaning" even today, as I write this.

Self I-dentity through Ho'oponopono is a beautiful process and I can only describe it as perfect, sacred, miraculous.  Dr. Pappas, I am writing to you because the girl you wrote about is real and if I can help answer any questions from you or perhaps a curious patient, I am always happy to help.



Hope this helps you to be more aware next time the depression memory wants to play in your life. Now you know you have a choice. You can say thank you or I love you to the depression. This way you let go of the memory and give it to God that knows better why the depression. Choose to let go of the depression and get on the driver seat!

Love you,


*Ho'oponopono tool Copyright © 2009 IZI LLC

For more articles like this visit website Ho'oponopono help with depression?



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