Our Fleet


our fleet

We continue to develop our fleet in parallel with our aggressive new building program. The advanced design and high-quality components on our vessels, coupled with the expertise of our shipbuilding partners will yield a vessel for the future. Our first vessel is due to deliver in early 2016, with the remaining vessels delivering thereafter in intervals. Our 25k DWT stainless steel ships will form the cornerstone of our growing fleet. Fully ECO (design and consumptions) and compliant with all emissions and ballast water regulations, we are confident that we will build a stable, high quality platform with which to serve our clients.

MT "CTG 001"
MT "CTG 002"
MT "CTG 003"
MT "CTG 004"
MT "CTG 005"
MT "CTG 006"
MT "CTG 007"
MT "CTG 008"
MT "CTG 009"
MT "CTG 010"
“Our fleet is modern, efficient, and equipped to pioneer the way forward in the petrochemical tanker sector. Our focus is on excellence. Our fleet and team reflect this now and will continue to do so as we grow.”
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