Plane turbulence spills in-flight meals

The aftermath of the turbulent flight to Paris. Photo courtesy of Twitter

A flight from Tunisia to Paris got caught in some extreme turbulence.

No one was hurt, but passenger meals were sent flying.

Photos of the mess circulated on Twitter.


Turbulence can be a scary experience. So much so it could make you lose your lunch — literally.

The Daily Mail reported that a flight from Tunisia to Paris struck severe turbulence just moments after the crew served the in-flight meal, launching trays up and chung cu 378 minh khai into the aisles.

A Tunisair chung cu minh khai Airbus A320, registered TS-IMV, flight TU722, from Tunis International Airport, to Paris Orly Airport with a number of people on board suffered a violent turbulent around 18:00 hrs local time as it was nearing the Paris Airport. pic.twitter.com/GYl9x39ILN

— AeroChapter (@AeroChapter) January 8, 2018


Video Dating Online - The Evolution of Sexual Attraction

Always stuck in front of the computer and have no time to go on a date? Well there is a very simple solution to your dating problems. Try video dating online. You don't even have to move an inch to meet women thousands of miles away.

You might think that video dating is not a good idea but there are thousands of reasons for you to try it out. If it does not work for you well then, at least you would have tried. And want harm can come of talking to a beautiful woman. If you are shy when you are in front of a lady it might give your date a bad impression of you.

If you have any thoughts with regards to the place and how to use Suggested Website - https://mens-health.sg , you can speak to us at the web-page. But if you are sitting comfortably in a place where you feel at home (because you are home!) and you talk to your date you will be a lot more comfortable. It will also give you a chance to get to know each other better without going through the initial awkwardness.

Since you get to see each other during a video date it is a lot more personal than just chatting online. You can see each other's body language and gestures which is initially very important to figure out if you are compatible with the other person or not.

Another big problem now-a-days - http://www.Fin24.com/Search/News?queryString=now-a-days is the lack of time. We are all so busy that it is very hard to get to places on time. If you are on a video date you can just stay at home and be on time for your date.

Even if you don't have time to get out of your office you can even have your date in your little office cubical.

If you have always wanted to date women from other countries then this is the simplest way to do it. You can date anyone, Asian, French or Latin women. No one is too far away. Distance is no longer a factor with video online dating.

If you have to go out of town for business you can still be on time to see your beautiful date. The best part of online video dating is that if you don't hit it off with your date you can just disconnect. It is a lot less messy than having to leave your date alone in a restaurant. (And they said breaking up is hard to do)!!!

So what are you waiting for? Give online video dating a chance and watch it work for you too.


Project of Resident Apartment in District 2

Price of Gem Riverside là sự kết hợp khéo léo của cuộc sống tiện nghi thành thị và không gian thiên nhiên dịu mát, Với tiện ích nội khu và ngoại khu đẳng cấp nhất, Project Resident Apartment GemRiverside hứa hẹn sẽ là nơi bạn được tận hưởng một cuộc sống " xanh " đúng nghĩa, một không gian sảng khoái, giúp bạn cân bằng cuộc sống, sức khỏe cùng niềm say mê trở lại với bạn sau một ngày làm việc mệt nhọc,

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Iraqi forces set sight on Old City riverside, PM sees Mosul victory...

By Stephen Kalin

MOSUL, Iraq, June 27 (Reuters) - Iraqi forces on Tuesday pushed towards the river side of Mosul's Old City, their key target in the eight-month campaign to capture Islamic State's de-facto capital, and Iraq's prime minister predicted victory very soon.

Iraqi forces, battling up to 350 militants dug in among civilians in the Old City, said federal police had dislodged IS insurgents from the Ziwani mosque and were only a few days away from ousting militants completely from the Old City.

"The victory announcement will come in a very short time," Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on his website on Monday evening.

"The operation is continuing to free the remaining parts of the Old City," Lieutenant General Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi of the Counter Terrorism Service (CTS) told a Reuters correspondent near the frontline in the heart of the Old City.

Iraqi forces had about 600 meters (2,000 ft) left to cover before they reach Cornishe Street alongside the western bank of the Tigris, Federal Police commander Lieutenant General Raed Shaker Jawdat told Iraqi State TV.

"In a few days our forces will reach Cornishe Street and bring the battle to its conclusion," said Jawdat, adding that federal police had forced militants out of Ziwani mosque in the Old City's southwestern corner.

The fall of Mosul would mark the end of the Iraqi half of the "caliphate" proclaimed by Islamic State though the militant group remains in control of large areas of both Iraq and Syria.

Federal Police and elite CTS units in Mosul are attacking IS fighters in the Old City's maze of narrow alleyways, together with the army and the interior ministry's Emergency Response Division (ERD).

Up to 350 militants are estimated by the Iraqi military to be dug in there among civilians in wrecked houses and crumbling infrastructure.

They were making extensive use of booby traps, suicide bombers and sniper fire to slow the advance of Iraqi forces from the west, the north and the south.

Those residents who have escaped say many of the civilians trapped behind Islamic State lines -- put at 50,000 by the Iraqi military - have little food, water or medicines.

A U.S.-led international coalition is providing air and ground support in the eight-month-old offensive.


Aid organizations say Islamic State has stopped many civilians from leaving, using them as human shields. Hundreds of civilians fleeing the Old City have been killed in the past three weeks.

The militants last week destroyed the historic Grand al-Nuri Mosque and its leaning minaret from which their leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared a caliphate spanning parts of Iraq and Syria three years ago. The mosque's grounds remain under the militants' control.

Iraqi troops captured on Monday the neighbourhood of al-Faruq in the northwestern side of the Old City, facing the mosque, the military said.

Only a handful of neighbourhood remain to be cleared, al-Saadi said, standing atop a rooftop overlooking al-Faruq street which now marks the frontline, a few dozen meters (yards) from the old mosque.

Sporadic sniper fire could be heard, and an incoming rocket, as the troops used a white commercial drone to survey the insurgents' defences.

The Iraqi forces started attacking the western side of Mosul in February, a month after taking the side located east of the Tigris.

Islamic State's Baghdadi has left the fighting in Mosul to local commanders and is assumed to be hiding in the Iraqi-Syrian border area. If you have any kind of concerns regarding where and the best ways to make use of chung cư GemRiverside, you can contact us at our web page. There has been no confirmation of Russian reports over the past days that he has been killed.

In Syria, the insurgents' "capital" Raqqa, is nearly encircled by a U.S.-backed, Kurdish-led coalition.

(Writing by Maher Chmaytelli; Editing by Richard Balmforth)

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A few essential components with regards to renovating a home's living room

The living area is often functional designed for people to stay put whenever they see your home. In other words, this has become the source regarding first perceptions. You would not want to make a negative primary appearance, correct? Everything comes on your appearance on your home's living room. For instance color choice together with feeling, home furnishings, and lighting. When you combine these kinds of factors, you may really come up with or else ruin the living room space atmosphere. Below are great tips you should think about when you require to brighten your current home's living room.

Color in addition to Surrounding

The colour is exactly what defines the atmosphere of the living room area. You might want to review what you need to convey. Normally, individuals keep to designs which usually show off their own life-style. If you wish to wind up being classic, you might discover earthly tones or sometimes hot hues. For people who want to continue to keep the luxurious and trendy texture and consistancy for their lounge room surroundings, they will engage in cool colorings or maybe tones of white. The trendy trend setters can also sample a number of avant-garde styles concerning white and black to express their particular living room area setting.

Color choice clearly shows the very setting you wish to present. If you wish your current family room to always be welcoming intended for guest visitors, an individual are able to accustom colorations which you view suitable-don't forget about to actually observe that shades clash. Undesirable shade combos may eliminate the mood you would like to determine. Dystopia would be an excellent idea, yet you might want the appropriate combines to bring the proper "wrongness" in the entire natural environment.


This will become crucial the living room should have house furniture that suits the theme on your room in your home. Be sure that you purposefully position the furnishings into areas that do not clutter. Make sure your own room or space for movements becomes wide enough for everyone to simply examine around. The first thing they are doing just before sitting is always to check out all the room's setting. If you happen to support plenty of space or room, then you can definitely bring in a little more interest towards the element of room in your home.


Lighting effects turns out to be an important element of the room's mood. Colours breathe everyday life on your space when home furniture brings tangibility for your area. Light, meanwhile, boosts in addition to fulfills any living room's surroundings. Excellent lighting may make a big difference of a beautifully-designed family room from currently being monotonic. The amount of light provides that will luminance whenever you wish to exhibit the dynamism in the room.

Some spaces feature a central chandelier that will hover within the area. This really fantastic with regard to fancy themes. A lot of people furthermore diversify the actual lighting style by having several light sources all around the area. Whatever design you have, living area style is best suited for with chung cu iris garden my dinh good the amount of light.

Any family room is usually du an iris garden decor process that requires special focus. People make their initial opinion within this space. Once you understand all the dynamics involving coloration plus setting, furnishings, and also the amount of light, you can easily really use a living area that has been enlivened having theme as well as grace.

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Democratic lawmakers grill Trump official over 'shithole' comment

Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey.

Julio Cortez/AP

Democratic senators questioned Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen over an incident where President Donald Trump reportedly used "shithole" to describe African countries.

Nielsen said she did not remember Trump categorizing African countries in a specific way.

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, under intense questioning from Democratic senators, said on Tuesday she did not hear President Donald Trump use a vulgarity to describe African countries during an impassioned White House meeting last week.

Nielsen's testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee echoed statements she has made since the meeting on Thursday with Trump and Republican and Democratic legislators, which roiled the debate on an immigration law deal and generated accusations of racism toward Trump.

Democratic Senator Dick Durbin, who attended the meeting, said Trump used the word "shithole" to describe African countries but Nielsen, also who participated in the meeting, said she did not hear that.

In one of the hearing's most dramatic moments, Democratic Senator Cory Booker grew emphatic after Nielsen said she did not want to answer more questions about the language at the meeting.

"When Dick Durbin called me I had tears of rage when I heard about this experience in this meeting," Booker told her.

"Your silence and your amnesia is complicity," he said.

Trump has said Durbin misrepresented his comments. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who also was at the meeting, issued a statement last week that did not dispute news accounts that Trump used the vulgarity to describe African countries. During the hearing Graham did not ask Nielsen about Trump's comments, but described Durbin as a "decent, honest man."

Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen testifies to the Senate Judiciary Committee on "Oversight of the US Department of Homeland Security" on Capitol Hill in Washington, January 16, 2018.

Joshua Roberts/Reuters

Nielsen said she did not remember Trump categorizing African countries in a specific way.

"The conversation was very impassioned. I don't dispute that the president was using tough language," Nielsen said, adding that several people in the room were using profanity.

The comments have complicated the debate over du an iris garden immigration deal to protect immigrants who were brought to the country illegally as children, and also overshadowed larger spending negotiations ahead of a possible federal government shutdown this week.

When asked about Trump's reported statements about preferring immigrants from Norway, Nielsen said Trump was using Norway as du an iris garden my dinh example of a country whose citizens work hard.

Nielsen also was asked about the administration's decision to rescind Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, the Obama-era policy to protect from deportation immigrants brought to the United States illegally as children. Trump ended the program in September, giving Congress six months to find a permanent solution.

Nielsen said she did not believe Trump would chung cu iris garden have the authority to extend the March 5 deadline for the ending of the program. On Saturday, the Department of Homeland Security said it would resume accepting DACA renewals, after a federal judge blocked Trump's decision to end the program.

Nielsen also testified about a DHS study on the link between immigration and terrorism. The report, issued on Tuesday, said about 73 percent of the 549 individuals convicted of "international terrorism-related" charges in U.S. federal courts between Sept. 11, 2001, and Dec. 31, 2016, were born outside the United States.

In a briefing call with reporters, a senior administration official pointed to the report as evidence that the United States needs to reform its immigration system, including to eliminate the diversity visa lottery and extended family-based immigration, in favor of high-skilled immigrants.

But the official said the administration was not ready to release statistical information on the manner of entry of the individuals convicted.

(Reporting by Susan Heavey and Yeganeh Torbati; Editing by Bill Trott and Andrew Hay)


5 tips for a volunteer abroad homestay

A homestay is whereby a host family offers a guest, a private room or space at du an iris garden affordable cost for a period of time.

Most of the guests at homestays are international students, foreign exchange students, and internships relocations, international scholars, landed immigrants, international volunteers, gap year individuals, and cultural tourists. The main purpose of a homestay is to provide a home away from home to the guest.

Homestay costs are a fraction of the cost as opposed to hotels and hostels. Homestays are a great way to experience the culture. As a volunteer you will get a new family to live with, in that you will have host parents, host brothers, host siblings and sometimes host nephews and nieces.

In the home you will be living in you can choose the amount of work or responsibility that you want to be given in the home. You can do as much or as little as you want. The activities that are normally included are cooking, washing dishes, clothes, and cleaning. In most occasions you will have a private room to yourself, but sometimes you will share the room with another international volunteer.

Most international volunteers remember their experience in the homestay other than their visits to tourist sites. To help you with your homestay, here are a couple of tips: Gifts A homestay at first is somebody's home, although you would be paying for accommodation and food, it is still a home.

In the home you will find a family who are willing to give you a room and chung cu iris garden my dinh much more to what you are expecting to pay for. As a token of kindness and to help break the ice, carry a small gift to the family members. Before you leave for the homestay find out how many family members are there and who you will be living with.

While you are at home, look for cheap and inexpensive gifts which can only be found in your home country. The gifts could iris garden be sweets for the kids, cheap jewelry for the girls and a bottle of alcohol or liquor for the men in the home. Try to find out what is appropriate for them.

Giving gifts will make you look like a generous person and they will try and accommodate you longer. We are all glad to be given gifts. Open minded As you will be living in a new home and culture there are things that are bound to be different. The meals that you will be sharing will be totally different from what you are used to.

Try to be open and eat their meals without being rude. Although do not change your beliefs, if you are a vegetarian don't eat meat or if you are Muslim don't eat pork or anything that infringes on your conscience. Be kind and appreciative to whatever is served on your plate by eating.

In some countries and cultures insects are regarded as part of delicacies; and in some cultures all parts of cows and pigs are eaten from the meat to their tongues. There also could be habits which could be new to you like how they take a shower or how they raise kids.

Do not judge them by their habits, but try to understand their culture and you will find their ways are different but they also work. Mornings In the mornings, don't be waking up too late in the morning. Don't be the first one to wake up or the last one to wake up in the morning.

You don't want to be seen as lazy, by being the last one out of bed. Most of the time you would be having something to do in the morning, and you won't have to wake up too late. But on the days you have nothing to do or have some obligation in the afternoon do not wake up to late.

Wake up in time for breakfast and if possible try to help with making breakfast. Some cultures find it offensive to still be in bed when everyone has woken up. Appreciate Be thankful for everything the family decides to give you or do for you. If the host mom wants to wash your clothes do not refuse, just accept and be very grateful.

When they bring for you food and any other thing be kind, gracious and make sure to thank them. Leaving When the time for your departure has come, be kind and leave for them a small gift. Get for them a small token of gratitude to appreciate the time you had spent with them.

If possible go out for lunch or dinner with them to recount the good times you had with them. Most volunteers leave the homestay and they stop communicating with the host family. They send one email and make one call and they forget the host family from there. Try and keep up to date with the host family whenever you can. This way you would have formed lifelong friendships, and the next time you go to that country you can stay with them.


Fintech Ecosystem - Financial Technology Research & Business Opportunities

BIIThis is a preview of a research report from BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service. To learn more about BI Intelligence, click here.

Fintech broke onto the scene as a disruptive force following the 2008 crisis, but the industry's influence on the broader financial services system is changing. 

The fintech industry no longer stands clearly apart from financial services proper, and is increasingly growing embedded in mainstream finance. We're now seeing the initial stages of this transformation.

For instance, funding is growing more internationally distributed, and startups are making necessary adjustments to prove sustainability and secure a seat at the table. Most fintech segments in the ascendant a year ago have continued to rise and grow more valuable to the broader financial system. Meanwhile, several fintech categories have had to make adjustments to stay on top. New subsegments are also appearing on the scene — such as digital identity verification fintechs — as new opportunities for innovation are discovered. 

Significantly, incumbents are responding more proactively to the rising influence of fintech by making updates to their consumer-facing channels, back-end systems, and overall business operations. Most are realizing that the best way to adapt is to work alongside the fintechs that are transforming the financial services environment, either by partnering with them or acquiring the startups entirely. As fintech's power grows, incumbents will have no choice but to change in order to stay relevant and competitive. All around, fintech is becoming embedded in mainstream finance.

Maria Terekhova, research analyst for BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service, has written the definitive Fintech Ecosystem report that looks at the shifts in the broader environment that fintechs operate in, including funding patterns and regulatory trends; examines the adaptations that some of fintech's biggest subsegments have had to make to secure a foothold in the financial services system; and discusses how the continued rise of the fintech industry is pressuring incumbents to make fundamental changes to their business models and roles. It ends by assessing what a global economy increasingly influenced by innovative fintechs will look like.

Here are some key takeaways from the report:

The fintech industry is far more than a group of digitally native, consumer-centric startups, although they are, in many ways, becoming the new face of financial services. It's increasingly clear that fintech no longer stands apart from financial services proper, and is morphing into an integral part of the financial system. 

To secure their position in the mainstream economy, some of the main fintech subsegments have had to adjust their business models. These include neobanks, robo-advisors, and alt lenders. Other fintech categories, meanwhile, gia chung cu iris garden my dinh have instead found that current conditions are well suited to their original models, and are seeing largely smooth sailing, like regtechs, insurtechs, and payments fintechs. Innovation and dynamism is still alive in fintech too, with new categories still emerging.

The rising influence of fintechs is having a dramatic effect on incumbents, from banks to insurers to wealth managers, pushing them to respond proactively to stay relevant. Incumbents are reacting to changes wrought by fintechs on three key fronts: gia iris garden my dinh the front end, the back end, and in their core business operations. As such, incumbents and fintechs are converging on a digital middle ground.

As this happens, the fintech industry is on the cusp of becoming an integral component of the broader financial services ecosystem. But it will likely first have to go through a complete credit cycle, and survive an economic downturn like the one that set the stage for its arrival in 2008, for this to happen.

In full, the report:

Looks at how the environment in which the fintech industry operates is changing, and what that means for the digitization of financial services.

Gives an overview of the main subsegments within the global fintech industry, and discusses which categories have had to adapt to survive, which have reaped benefits from their original game plans, and which new segments have come to the fore in the past twelve months.

Outlines the adaptations that incumbent financial institutions have begun making to adjust to an economy that's inevitably shifting to digital, and in which tech-savvy fintechs are increasingly setting the standards.

Discusses what the future of financial services will look like as fintech embeds itself into the financial mainstream.

Interested in getting the full report? Here are two ways to access it:

Subscribe to an All-Access pass to BI Intelligence and gain immediate access to this report and over 100 other expertly researched reports. As an added bonus, you'll also gain access to all future reports and daily newsletters to ensure you stay ahead of the curve and benefit personally and professionally. >> Learn More Now

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Cyprus Villas To Rent

Cyprus is a beautiful island located in the Mediterranean Sea. This beautiful island has many holiday resorts. Tourists who visit Cyprus have two options. They can either stay in a hotel or in a villa. The villa is considered as the better option at it provides tourists with both serenity and privacy. At least it is better than what one can hope to get in a hotel.

These villas are a form of investment to those who chung cu iris garden my dinh wish to invest in this beautiful island. The villas return this investment in three ways. First the investor has a holiday home in Cyprus. Second they can always rent this out to other tourists who are holidaying in Cyprus. Third is that they can sell this villa on a later day provided the price is right.

In case the investor decides to rent their villas, they should know that there are many Cyprus villas to rent. The rates at which these villas are rented out are quite competitive. So these investor must offer value iris garden my dinh for money as many of these villas come with facilities. These facilities include cable and swimming pool.

The investors can renovate their villas. This will cost them money, so they should plan how they want to renovate. They should not go overboard with this renovation as what appears beautiful to one may not be so to another. The local flavor of these villas should not be lost while renovating. After all Cyprus villas to rent attract tourists because of their local flavor.

Giving the guests a welcome gift will also help. This gift must be chosen carefully. Giving a small basket full of the local delicacies is good idea, provided they suit the taste of the guests. There is no point in giving a bottle of the local wine if the guest does not drink.

Maintaining these Cyprus villas to rent is another task that the investor shouldnt ignore. After all no one wants to stay in a poorly maintained villa.

If the investor has done his or her homework properly, then they can rest assured that their villas will be rented out.


ĐẤT XANH ĐẨY NHANH TIẾN ĐỘ TRIỂN Dự án Gem Riverside quận 2

Chung cư Gem Riverside Đất Xanh là một sản phẩm mới của Tập Đoàn Đất Xanh đáng chú ý nhất tại thị trường căn hộ quận 2 đầu năm 2018. Dự kiến sẽ mở bán tháng 1.2018, vậy tiến độ triển khai Gem Riverside đã thi công đến đâu, có nhà mẫu chưa? Ở bài viết này, chúng tôi sẽ cập nhật tình hình Đất Xanh triển khai Gem Riverside, hi vọng có thể giúp ích cho quý khách hàng, đang quan Căn hộ Gem Riverside quận 2 có thêm thông tin.

Khu Nam Rạch Chiếc và điểm mạnh của Gem Riverside quận 2

Mới phát triển 2 năm trở lại đây, khu đô thị Nam Rạch Chiếc có những thay đổi chóng mặt. Nhờ hạ tầng giao thông và sự đóng góp của những CĐT có tên tuổi trong ngành Bất Động Sản. Trong đó phải kể đến Keppel Land với dự án Palm City rộng 20ha, với nhiều phân khu khác nhau. Và Lakeview City cũng có quy mô 30 hecta nhưng chỉ 1200 căn nhà phố, biệt thự cao cấp của CĐT Novaland, đã thi công xong và đang bàn giao cho khách hành.

Ngoài kết nối giao thông thuận tiện thì khu vực này còn nhiều khách hàng lựa chọn bởi quy hoạch rõ ràng, vị trí sát sông nên môi trường sống rất trong lành, sạch sẽ, không khói bụi ồn ào…

Khu đô thị Nam Rạch Chiếc đã không còn xa lạ với nhiều khách hàng mua ở cũng như các nhà đầu tư…

Và gần đây, Tập đoàn Đất Xanh – Một Chủ Đầu Tư rất có tiếng trong ngành Bất Động Sản Việt Nam. Với dự án đầu tiên tại thị trường quận 2, khởi đầu 1 năm 2018 thật bức phá ….

Gem Riverside sở hữu vị trí nằm tại trung tâm Nam Rạch Chiếc, 2 mặt giáp sông lớn là Giồng Ông Tố và Kênh Mương. Dự án cũng nằm ngay mặt tiền đường Song Hành cao tốc, trục đường huyết mạch nối quận 2 và quân 9.

In case you have almost any issues with regards to wherever along with tips on how to make use of Gem Riverside dat xanh,, you can e-mail us at the website. Bao quanh dự án cũng là những khu đô thị lớn, nên với tầm nhìn 2/4, sống tại Gem Riverside quý khách có thể thừa hưởng những tiệc ích, dịch vụ từ những kho đô thị này như trường học quốc tế, trung tâm y tế quốc tế, khu thương mại mua sắm, khu thể thao…

Căn hộ Gem Riverside Đất Xanhsở hữu vị trí vàng tiềm năng còn lại của khu vực quận 2. Và chắc chắn trong tương lai khu vực này sẽ còn gia tăng giá trị rất lớn.

Click here : https://gemriversidedatxanh.net



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